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According to the beliefs of the Unani medicine system, ailments are created as well as healed by the types of foods that are consumed by humans. If, the types of food that go into the human body are balanced and are digested fully prior to leaving the body then the chances of creating illnesses in the body are minimal. If the digesting process is improper chances are; that an imbalance in the body humours which are blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile could create various illnesses in the body. Therefore, in the Unani medicine system treatment is directed at correcting the imbalances of the body humours.

Sri Lankan Unani is a combined development of the Arabic Unani system and the Sri Lankan Ayurvedic systems. Further, the Sri Lankan Unani depends a great deal on western medical tests in diagnosing ailments. Thereby, short circuiting the olden Unani diagnosis systems which take time. Currently a patient can walk into a western laboratory and obtain the required test reports and consult the Unani physician who will be in a position to instantly diagnose the ailment after studying the report. With future development of western test methods for diagnosing ailments the Sri Lanka Unani system too is expected to develop hand-in-hand in the future. Sri Lanka Unani also claims that they have cures for snake/insect bites and ailments created by bacteria which are categorized as external ailments as well as for hereditary ailments.







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