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In modern day society, there are so many diseases which are widely spread. Many of these diseases are still a major threat to the society because modern science has no proper or permanent treatment for these illnesses. With modern science diseases can only be controlled but not cured. With Unani medicine many of these illnesses can be permanently cured. Unfortunately, the public awareness of this method of treatment is very low. Some of the diseases permanently curable with Unani medicine.

For Example: Diabetes, high blood pressure, Cholesterol, Skin diseases (Internal / External), Allergies, Migraine and gastritis.


In Unani there are 4 types of treatment methods

  • Regimental therapy
  • Dietotherapy
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Surgery

Regimental therapy includes procedures such as venesection, cupping, Turkish bath, massage and exercise. These treatments involve working on specific body reflexes, most commonly with massaging. Dietotherapy involves controlling of specific diets or the regulation of quantity and quality of food consumed. Pharmacotherapy deals with the administration of drugs extracted from plants and mineral sources.

Below Is A Brief Explanation About Gastritis And How It Could Be Cured In Unani Medicine

Gastritis is a widely spread disease in our society and this is not a situation that we can ignore as a minor disease, because gastritis can lead to many other illnesses in the body.

Have you ever thought that Gastritis can be the cause of diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, phlegm, warm problems? If a patient who has suffered from gastritis over a period of time he/she can develop one of the above diseases. You may wonder how one disease could be the cause of many. Carefully read the following summary to be better informed.

First we will identify the basic symptoms of gastritis; discomfort in the abdominal area, a distended stomach, pain in the stomach, loose motion, burning/aching sensation in the stomach, loss of appetite, vomiting, constipation and heart pain (It is always advisable to do an ECG on a doctor’s recommendation to ensure that it is not related to the heart). Now we can see how gastritis is the cause of the above mentioned illnesses.

There are 09 flavors contained in the food we consume. They are oily, spicy, bitter, sweet, salty, acrid, limey, milky and sour. When food is digested these elements are absorbed into our body. Vitamins and other elements needed for the body are thus obtained. Finally, this is very important for a good immune system which will in turn prevent the body from contacting illnesses. This is how the normal system functions in a body.

However, people who have gastritis cannot digest food properly (Digestive disorder), therefore he/she does not get a balance of the nine flavors that the body needs, it is unbalanced. This is the cause for all the problems. For example if the Sweet elements are not digesting properly one can get diabetes, if the oil elements do not digest one can get Cholesterol, if ash elements do not digest properly one can get problems in the kidneys (due to a high amount of calcium), if the salt flavor does not digest properly one can be diagnosed with blood pressure. Now, you have an idea of how one illness can cause many issues.

If you are suffering from any one of these problems, gastritis can be the reason!!

Some causes of gastritis could be a high intake of spicy food/ junk food/ unhygienic conditions, excessive consumption of alcohol / stress / depression / digestive disorders / irregular or excessive eating / a wrong combination of foods/certain drugs/ repeated consumption of foods with the same flavor.

Many people presume that certain foods are not good for the gastritis patients but one can never come to that conclusion because each problem differs. One may have a problem with consuming oily flavor while another may have a problem consuming sweets. Therefore the condition from patient to patient will differ. This can only be identified by a clever doctor.

Now that you are aware of the complications caused by Gastritis and the many illnesses it can cause to your body (although many say this is only a controllable situation) the good news is that with Unani medicine these diseases can be completely cured. So, without further delay start your treatment today.


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